Please Teacher Episode 13 (Dub): Secret Couple

“Secret Couple”

Hatsuho and Maho return for a visit and Hatsuho forces Mizuho to talk about intimate details of her relationship with Kei. Hatsuho kidnaps Kei, takes him to a love hotel, and ties him to a bed. Although Hatsuho is attracted to Kei, this is actually an attempt to add excitement into Kei and Mizuho’s marriage, which ends in success when Mizuho arrives to save Kei but ends up in bed with him. The following day, Kei and Mizuho are shocked and discomforted to find out that everyone is talking about what happened between them and her family at the love hotel.

Download 360p

Download 360p

Season number: 1
Episode number: 13 of 13
Air date: 25 October 2002
Previous episode: Teacher Once Again
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