Please Teacher Episode 12 (Dub): Teacher Once Again

Teacher Once Again

“Teacher Once Again”

Mizuho is sent back to her planet, where she is stripped of her rank in addition to other sanctions, but her love for Kei prompts her to return to Earth (with help from her mother and sister). A year has passed and the memories of everyone she interacted with previously are supposed to have been erased. However, thanks to an empty box of Pochy, his memories flood back on seeing Mizuho return to her job as his homeroom teacher. He pretends not to recognize Mizuho until he has a chance to be alone with her. Initially dismayed at his act, the two confess their love for each other and marry again, repeating the events of episode 1.

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Season number: 1
Episode number: 12 of 13
Air date: 28 March 2002
Previous episode: Teacher
Next episode: Secret Couple
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