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1. AlexaMaster.Net
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My Referrals
  • Now we pay 25% share for every surf/vote that your referrals do.
  • Teach your referrals to surf/vote and earn money easily!!!

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How this system works
  • Promote your referral URL everywhere & ask people to join us.
  • When a new member join us using your referral URL, you get 100 Points.
  • When he buys points, you will get 60% of points from it (Ex: 300K for 500K points)
  • If you get 300K points from someone, you earn 10 USD.
  • Also you will get so many Good Votes for that great work.
  • And, when your referral earns points, you get 25% share always.
  • If your referral runs Autosurf and earns 100 points, you will get 25 points easily.

2. RankBoostUp.Com